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Fibonacci’s Heart

fibonacci's heart

Yes I know
that I’m not well
getting restless by day
sleeping little on nights
battling myself
I’ve turned this too into a fight
thorn and rose
using Fibonacci’s heart
keeps this riddle close
from its last beat new starts
falling from top
chop! chop!!
This is crazy
all I ever wanted
was a blue daisy
so I’d smile
nothing twisted
nothing vile
but regardless of what I know
I’ll never defeat the nature
so either I’ll try
to wait for it to die
or keep you afar
so bye.

State Of My Mind

My Apology…

I’m sorry
Sleepy green idea, that’s my story
I lied
Chicken fried, I tried
This ciphertext, I’m sending to you
I had to.
The truth
An F-22 crash on the route
Would’ve hurt
But I’m sure about the titanium door
Even more.