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… Heard Inside My Head…

It wasn’t perfect… but it was better than that.


Closer ~ by theCipher

Closer ~ by theCipher

I’ve been shooting a lot of pink lately… I think somebody’s been brain-washing me!

Pink is the Color of Love

Pink is the Color of Love ~ by theCipher

… someone told me!

Rocking The East Coast – I

“It’s not pink! It’s lavender”

That has to be the gayest thing I’ve ever said in my life. Don’t even know where and when I learned to pick the difference. Maybe it was just the lack of sleep making me delusional. Yup! that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

700 miles in four days with no more than three hours of sleep each night – we sure made the best use of the little time we had. With ten people under the same tight schedule, I probably spent more time waiting to use the restroom then sleeping! And if you ask some people, probably as much time inside the restroom.

This trip did not turn out to be anything like I anticipated – but then again, nothing in life does. The trip began with me spending more time on the airport then on the plane. Mind you it was a three and a half hours flight with no transits. Though long, the wait wasn’t dull. I ended up guaranteeing a landing in next fifteen minutes for a plane not even in arrival list, and picking up someone from a plane that never arrived – all in a day’s work for this superman.