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Rocking The East Coast – III

If I pee my pants, it better not end up in facebook!

Braver words were never uttered on top of the boat platform where I was laying, attached to a parachute, which was ready to fling me to the skies any seconds then. My fear would have gotten the better of me if not for the beautiful companion cowering by my side. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We reached Ocean City the night before, with hungry stomachs, tired bodies and mind plotting on ideas to sneak in five people in rooms of four. After a lengthy and inconvenient check-in everyone freshened up and went out for some food. Well, almost everyone. It was funny to see that two out of three people working in the subway store we went to were Nepali.

We then went for a midnight stroll across the beach. Having found the right settings, I took out my camera and I started working on my ‘spirit’ shots. Apparently, I was a little too good at it. Experts say, sand and water are the biggest enemy of a camera, so I was a bit worried. Little did I know my snap would be destroyed by tears. After a few wonderful shots in the dark, we were done with the night and went back to the hotel.

I’ve had a mere two hours of sleep when the morning came knocking on the door. A quick breakfast, a complicated check-out, and we were heading to the beach. Everyone had fun there. I think I made some sort of record by being probably the only guy to walk on the beaches of the east coast and the west coast and never touch the sea.

The search for a Nepali restaurant proved costly as we barely made to the parasailing in time with half-fed belly. The superman was about to fly! OK I’ll admit it – I was petrified!… But the only way to stop making it worse for myself was to get done with it as soon as possible. So I jumped at the chance to go first – my flying companion, however, wasn’t too thrilled about it. I wasn’t going to show my fear – not after three days of calling myself names like ‘hero’ and ‘superman’. I think I did quite well at that. I don’t know what it is about girls, but as soon as one is around, you feel like you need to be ten times the man you actually are. And it helped.

I sat there on the platform saying my last prayers and the wind started carrying me to the heavens. It was… a bit disappointing to be honest. Specially since we didn’t even get to land on water coz the sea was too rough. The rough sea did take its toll on someone later – personally, I blame the “driver”!!… Now it could be jealousy speaking ;)

Other than a little incident with missing lunch box, the rest of the evening was quite uneventful. We had plans to end the night with booze and long talks but none of us had energy to commit to it.

Next day, the awesome vacation came to and end. We all went our ways with wonderful memories, new friendships, some unfulfilled wishes and a few unspoken complaints… and in my case, a 50$ receipt as a consequence of a missed flight!

“(Pointing at the two buffed guys with tight abs) See that is how a guy should look like!”

“He’s walking with another guy!… I’m walking with a beautiful girl!!… I know what I’m doing!!”

Rocking The East Cost – II

“This feels just like Darjeeling!”

”Have you ever been to Darjeeling?”


Highways of Philadelphia must’ve never been described in those words before.

We were on our way to New York/New Jersey. Backed by a mere three hours of sleep, we had started early in the morning (11 is quite early for me). After a brief respite in a welcoming house in Philadelphia, we were on our way again. I was really hoping to get some sleep on the way but couldn’t. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have drank all that Monster after all.

New Jersey seemed a lot better than what I had heard. No offence! We took a subway to New York in the evening. I don’t know why but every time I was on one of those things I felt I was gonna be mugged! Damn you movies!!

We went to the Times Square – remind me to rent a sailors costume next time I go there.

We went to a Nepali restaurant from there. I was totally jaded by then. I needed an energy drink. Too bad they didn’t have Monster so I had to resort to Jack and Coke. Well, few sips and I was back from the dead. It was wonderful to be amidst such great friends – Jack, Johnnie and Jose. The restaurant was good – drinks, live band… and I heard they had food too!!

The next day – six hours of my life I’ll never get back.

After waiting for some three hours in a line – under the scorching sun,… we finally had our turn to board a boat where we could sit – under the scorching sun,… just to go to an island where we could walk some more – you guessed it! – under the scorching sun… and we had to pay for that!

And ya, don’t know if it’s just me but I though the Statue of Liberty would be a bit… umm, taller, you know!

All in all, the first part of the day was one to forget so I’m moving on.

After a dull and grueling half of a day I couldn’t wait until we reach the Ocean City – a paradise to vacationers, under age drinkers and any Nepali student. So we set out on the road again – missing the proper gas station exits and taking the ones where there were none. And when it came to eccentric comparisons no one was getting left behind.

“This feels just like driving in Terai”

“Have you ever driven in Terai?”