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… Heard Inside My Head…

It wasn’t perfect… but it was better than that.


Bugged! ~ by theCipher

Bugged! ~ by theCipher

… the past two days have been awesome… both Brazil and Argentina got knocked out of the world cup… almost washed away the pain of seeing England humiliated…

… it’s been weird seeing the team I support win against the odds!

… just saw my friends upload pics of their momo party while i’m here all alone chewing through yesterdays cold hard pizza… life’s so unfair! :P

… it’s 4th of July!!… hope I’ll get to shoot some fireworks…

… classes over so i need to get back to work!… been behind on it already…

… got a lecture to give in two days – a little nervous about that…

… and yeah! Orange Rocks!! :)

Free As A Bird

Wings of an Angel ~ by theCipher

Wings of an Angel~ by theCipher

… free as a bird… got nothing else to do… and that the World Cup is in two day break isn’t helping much

… done with exams for this semester… had a short 5 weeks class… over!

… maybe I should start reading some books… been almost two years since I read my last one!

… (removed my last post… no jokes! – it wan’t quite ‘me’!)

… been listening to a new bollywood song – “Pee Loon” … just came up with my own version LOL

pee loon tere neele neele nainoon se sabnam
pee loon tere geeley geely hontoon ki sargam
pee loon hai peene ka mausam

pee loon tere yaadoon mein soda aaur rum
pee loon kuch whisky usme coke thoda kum
pee loon aaur bhooloon saare gum

… what else?!… ummmm… ditched England – a bad breakup!… supporting the Orange for now… also Spain, Germany, etc etc… well any team besides Argentina and Brazil!… (but somehow I know it’s not gonna end well for me… gggrrrr!)


Closer ~ by theCipher

Closer ~ by theCipher

I’ve been shooting a lot of pink lately… I think somebody’s been brain-washing me!

You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are

You Don't Know How Lovely You Are

You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are ~ by theCipher

Helpless!! – You don’t know,
How lovely you are; and I,
Can’t describe in words.

[ Haiku by theCipher ]

Pink is the Color of Love

Pink is the Color of Love ~ by theCipher

… someone told me!

Times Flies… Just When You’re Having the Most Fun

Time Flies ~ by theCipher

Time Flies ~ by theCipher

… “Time flies, just when you’re having the most fun”…

… my first upload from my new Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens… love that lens :)

… this is about the short and awesome vacation I spent two weeks ago around East Coast… best time I had in a long long time… met some old friends and found some new ones… loved it… more pics coming soon…

… despite what that watch shows it’s already 3 in the morning/night/whatever… catching up with all the Jon Stewart’s Daily Show I’ve missed for past few weeks… but gotta go sleep now…

… also here’s wishing a rare 6 hours sleep to one my new friends – hope your nightmares are in vacation today…

… good night all!

City of Gold

City of Gold ~ by theCipher

City of Gold ~ by theCipher

… found this pic from the winter break while looking for something new to upload…

… life’s good… enjoying the world cup – well as much as any supporter of England football team can…

… got lots to do this week… another project deadline… and there’s always work…

… worried about the inevitable… fighting… lets see

… cheers!

Preying Eyes

Preying Eyes

Stone eagle resting above the main gates of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, located on top of Lookout Mountain, TN. The park is on the edge of the mountain and has cliffs on all three sides. The view of Chattanooga downtown from the cliff is – well as you can imagine – breathtaking… but that’s a pic for another day.

On Black

And thanks to adebⓞnd for the Lightroom presets, which was the only processing done.

Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly

This is an indoor waterfall in Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, TN. It was one of the scenic places I visited in my two days vacation. I’ll be posting a lot of images from the vacation in days to come.

This was shot with one second long exposure in aperture priority mode to get the white smooth fall. It was already late in the evening so the hall was quite dark, thus I didn’t have to use my ND filter. This is my first flickr upload that was shot in RAW format. I wasn’t quite sure how to process it, so I played around with hue, saturation and intensity in Lightroom and then added borders and signature in Photoshop. I am mostly satisfied with the final result, except in few places where over exposure of green is evident.