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The End

Life, as I know it, ended today,
I guess I always saw it coming my way,
Hope was the problem, didn’t let me give in,
I’m burning in hell, but what was my sin?!!

All I did was loved you, unconditioned and true.
The complication to come, I never knew,
Not a thing I could do different, that’ll spare me this fate
I ran race to lose, I started too late.

I hope you stay happy, hope you prove that I’m wrong
That I was the only one, you should have belonged,
Coz that would be so hard to bear if it comes true
……………… forget it! I pray that you make it through.

I’ll hate if I’ll recover, I’ll hate if I don’t
I wish it doesn’t affect me, but I’ll hate if it won’t.
Can’t see you get hurt even if I’m torn to pieces
For you I’ll live and welcome death with thousand kisses.


It gets harder each day
I’m running out of places to hide away
My nightmares,
They find me in my deepest sleep
I’m scared,
Can’t talk, scream or weep

They creep up on me
They whisper into my ears,
Show me my losing battles
Reconfirm my deepest fears
I tell myself they’re not real,
They tell me how my wounds wont heal
I tell myself it’s all in my head,
They tell me how my dreams are dead

I reach out and look for help
I find your hands, see a glimpse of hope
I forget the voices for a while
I feel good – nothing I can’t cope
But suddenly the hands slip away from me
And I wake up from the pleasant dream
My soul doomed to burn for eternity
When there’s hell around and hell within