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We are, many of us, a planet orbiting somebody’s sun, unconscious of a lonely moon, orbiting our planet.
- Robert Brault

Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.
- Jeremy Bentham

Running In Circles

Running in circles
Playing with pain
Looking for meaning
Dying in vain

Fighting with myself
Doubting my head
Ignoring the signs
And talking to dead

Chasing a shadow
Living a lie
Yielding to fears
And waiting to die

This is my life
Again and again
Running in circles
And dying in vain

… Heard Inside My Head…

I’m not gonna marry the girl I fall in love with. You’re kidding me?! Married life with me!?! I can’t put someone I love through that torture!

I think as a token of my love I should help her find a nice guy and get them married.

And I should instead find a selfish, arrogant, mean and stubborn girl, marry her and spend rest of my life making her life miserable!!

Sounds like a plan.

The End

Life, as I know it, ended today,
I guess I always saw it coming my way,
Hope was the problem, didn’t let me give in,
I’m burning in hell, but what was my sin?!!

All I did was loved you, unconditioned and true.
The complication to come, I never knew,
Not a thing I could do different, that’ll spare me this fate
I ran race to lose, I started too late.

I hope you stay happy, hope you prove that I’m wrong
That I was the only one, you should have belonged,
Coz that would be so hard to bear if it comes true
……………… forget it! I pray that you make it through.

I’ll hate if I’ll recover, I’ll hate if I don’t
I wish it doesn’t affect me, but I’ll hate if it won’t.
Can’t see you get hurt even if I’m torn to pieces
For you I’ll live and welcome death with thousand kisses.

It’s Between Me And God

They say life’s fun. You live each day for others expectations, and die each day for some of your own. Hope is the biggest problem – doesn’t let you let go.

They say history repeats itself. I have seen it too. Sometimes so accurately that you see what’s coming from miles away. Still, hope is the problem. Hope that maybe things will be different this time.

They say definition of madness is to try the same thing again and again, expecting different results. Again, hope is the problem. Makes you go against all your reasons, all your logic.

They say hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies. Personally, I prefer to have faith. Hope is too short term, too circumstantial. Faith in destiny is better – less confining to the hard reality.

They say everything changes. Well, then why does history have to repeat itself!

They say life’s fun…

When hungry for a ray of hope,
They die starving coz there’s none
I don’t know why they complain,
I think it’s really fun

Losing My Senses

Looking back everything seems like a dream,
The calmness, the chaos,
The silence, the screams.

People I talked to, things I said,
Fragments of memory come alive and die,
It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not,
When you feel so low and get so high.

Thank you all for being there,
And thank you for listening to all I said.
Sometimes when you lose your heart,
It kinda feels good to lose your head.



Amidst thousands of people, we all walk alone.


To burn being who I am, or die and be who they want me to be,
To forget you, or simply forget me,
To fade to numb, or endlessly think,
To fight and drown, or give up and sink,

Through all the twists of fate, curves and bends,
I always knew how it ends,
No matter what I choose,
……………………………… I lose.

Final Analysis

I analyze a lot. Everything. All the time. And all I got out of it is tired. Maybe this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, maybe it’s not how we’re supposed to live. Then again, maybe I’m getting myself into yet another analysis…

Don’t think too much; you’ll start to doubt everything. Just listen to your heart. Say what you want to say, write what you want to write… sing all you want to sing.

Savour each moment… each feeling… feel and feel alive. Don’t judge… understand others… and most importantly yourself.

I’ve never laughed in vain, never shed a tear in vain. Vanity is for those who seek something in the end. All that is there to see, all that is there to feel, it’s all in the moments.

A smile can change a night into a day and a simple line can change a day into a night. I know in the long run it’s all in vain but I seek my meanings in the moments in between.

There's Heaven Around Me And Hell Within

There are people who wish they could hear what goes inside other people’s head… I wish I could stop hearing what goes inside mine.

There’s heaven around me and hell within. I guess it’s the same with most of us. I believe we are the reason we are complaining.

I want to turn deaf ear to these doubts, these premonitions. I want to hear that laughter, that voice… unfiltered… straight from my ears to my heart. For once, I want to be happy for all that I’ve got and not worry about all that I could lose.


… … I’m listening to “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong… for 37th time tonight.