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Never Meant To Be

Like a sunshine to a flower,
In its darkest hour,
That is how much you’ve meant to me
And now I’m back in pain,
It’s getting dark again,
I guess it was never meant to be

I could never say,
The words to make you stay,
And now I’m gonna have to set you free
I’ll have to live my life,
Walking on edge of knife,
Coz somethings are just never meant to be

Happiness tastes bland,
Hopelessness rules the land,
My world is barren as far as I can see
So my heart lays dead my fren,
Will never beat again,
Coz somethings are just never meant to be

Pictures Of Her

Pictures of her, new and old
Scars they carry, memories they hold
The grief inflicted cannot be told
A chance glimpse of her and my heart gets cold

Time heals all wound they say, I’m waiting for my turn
It’s hard to stay hopeful, when in happiness you burn
Nothing to look forward to and it hurts to look back
The rainbow after my rain is painted all black