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Ode To My Best Friend

It’ll be the same old moon,
But not quite that sight
The same old morning,
But not as bright
The sun will shine again,
On the sky anew
But nothing compares…
Nothing compares to you

Chatting endlessly
On way back home
Forgetting meetings
Finding time to roam
Life goes on they say,
And I believe it’s true
But nothing compares…
Nothing compares to you

Short trips to the shopping mall
Or just a stroll ’round the block
Trying out every new food place
While you race with the clock
Thinking about all I’ll miss
Makes me feel blue
Coz nothing compares…
Nothing compares to you

To make you smile,
Doing the craziest of things
Seeing the awe in you eyes,
And the joy that it brings
Precious moments
However few
But nothing compares…
Nothing compares to you

The gifts, the cards,
And the surprise roses
Instantly jotting down,
Verses and proses
Making promises
And staying true
Coz nothing compares…
Nothing compares to you

Happy Friendship Day

Garden of Dreams

You can’t plan perfection.

the fountain in front of the bench

It’s not that I hadn’t been planning, but things unfolded differently, yet for better. The place was beautiful and the company even more so ;)

the place is filled with beautiful architecture

I was hoping this to be a pleasant surprise, hopefully more of pleasant than surprise. And I’m glad you took it as one. It went well with the theme of the day – “Places you’ve never been before”.

fishes in the pond in the middle of the garden

There were few surprises hidden for both of us. The restaurant’s menu was an interesting aspect of the day – despite of my best effort I think I’ve forgotten the names of the things we ordered – Florentine or something. And not to mention few known and unexpected faces.

telling stories under the evening sky

Thank you for listening to my stories, tolerating my stupid jokes, being adventurous with the food selection and for walking – especially for walking even when your legs were hurting. Well, all in all, it was a wonderful day, made even more special with the presence of a wonderful friend.

Hope to have more of these in future. Thank you for being there.

We All Need A Little Sunshine

You’re going so far I can hardly see,
Out in the world, wild and free,
Whatever it makes you, whoever you’ll be,
Don’t ever stop shining down on me.

And when you need a hand to hold,
In the midst of chaos and cold,
Right by your side, I’ll always be,
Just don’t ever stop shining down on me.

A Walk To Remember

As I sat here today, on an idle Sunday, I can’t help reminisce on the memories of the last weekend. Warm sun, cool breeze, the path, the scenery and the company…  the hike from Nalinchowk to Nagarkot.

the trek

Imagine the experience of jumping for the ground and somehow landing on water… I seem to be a walking accident these days… but it only added to the fun. Or when I was almost dragged atop a cliff by Kumar and Shankar… beautiful moments.

the big splash

The company… Gaurav, Kumar and Shankar… my friends since college days. College days – occasional turmoil in both personal and academic life amidst the carefree times of bunking the class and basking in the sun… and the ‘window shopping’, of course ;) . However the most amazing part is, all these years and nothing has changed – except for the bunking part (which has been reduced to 5-10 minutes at the office canteen).

dil chahata hai

Kumar getting frequently upset at minor things, and Gaurav doing his best to push him over the edge (well not literally),… me doing my best to irritate Gaurav with my ‘philosophies’… and Shankar, well, he was being Shankar – reading everyone and everything around him. Bottom line – you guys rock!

And the wonderful Sushmita with her thousand watt smile, who was sweet enough to laugh at all my stupid jokes… remember the “Na Lin Chowk” joke – Gaurav was staring at me like I was a raving idiot. Perhaps I was… but hey, if I can’t be myself with you guys where can I be! (ok, I think I just admitted that I’m an idiot… anyway… moving on…) It was her first hiking and she surprised us all when she finally conjure up enough courage to scale the Nagarkot tower. She was frozen scared when she first got to the top.

some village girl... from USA ;)

Well, gorgeous, thanks for the wonderful company which made the 5 hrs journey feel like 5 minutes… too bad you had to return home with a headache :(   …hope my stupid jokes weren’t responsible ;)

a walk to remember

All in all, a day I’ll remember for a long time to come. It was beautiful coz it was spontaneous… kinda like this picture where a good shot was almost ruined by an unwelcome guest!

21 + 1

A Perfect Day

Despite of all the changes in plans this turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in long-long time……… After weeks of planning and canceling I finally met her. I met her at Maitidevi……. we then walked all the way to New Baneshwor. We had some pizza and c-momo at ND’s. We roamed around New Baneshwor for a while and then back towards Maitidevi……… through longest route possible of course. We both had a lot to talk about …………. apparantly, she more than I. She talked a lot…………. thank god nothing changed there. By the way her college seems to be really amazing……….. everyone seems to get hooked up.
I think it was the first time we walked the streets of New Baneshwor together after the days at the Xaviers. I had missed that. To be honest I had been imagining this day for a while now. But it was different. I guess you can’t plan perfection.
She is still the same wonderful girl – honest, caring, stronger than steel – fragile than a rose. I had many reunions lately………….. Met many old friends………….. But there was always something missing…….. Something old that wasn’t there anymore………. Something friendly, familiar – Lost. But the moment I saw her face beaming with her ever present smile, I recognized my old friend……… Who was still there…………. My friend – Who would always be there.