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Three Disappointing Things About This World Cup

3. Larissa Riquelme supported Paraguay and not Spain.

2. Xabi Alonso got kicked on the chest – it should have been Andrés Iniesta – in the nuts.

1. After 736 men fought and bled for their countries for 64 days – the damn octopus won.

My Zombie Wedding (Based on a True Nightmare)

Yesterday I dreamt about a zombie invasion… and about my wedding… and the zombie invasion was lesser scary. Seriously.

First I was somehow coaxed into a wedding and I hadn’t even seen the bride. WTF right? Exactly! Hell I don’t even know when it turned from a casual chat with my buddies into a wedding – but dreams are like that. Everyone around me were busy, doing whatever people have to do at weddings, and there I was, absolutely petrified. All I could think was “What if she’s ugly!?!”

There were a couple of other things going through my mind that I can’t mention here but that’s beside the point. And ya, for some odd reason I was really interested to know whether or not this particular girl was invited to the wedding whom I once had a huge crush on.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened next but after a while the whole dream turned into a zombie invasion. Maybe my prayers were answered – I don’t know, but boy was I glad that there was no wedding anymore. These zombies were really slow and not that strong, and there were a lot of people on my side. So it was basically a walk in a park – a pleasant turn of event after that dreaded wedding.

Don’t remember much after that. Later I woke up to find out Germany had a little nightmare of their own in the World Cup against Serbia. Not surprising for the second youngest team in the tournament.

But this is what’s bothering me – I’d rather look at an ugly zombie than an ugly girl!… really tells you just how superficial I am!!

~ by a guy who fears commitment more than he fears zombies

World Cup Woes

Just finished watching a world cup quarter-final match between England and Portugal. England lost it on penalties after neither team could score in the regular time and the extra-time. England had never won a World Cup match on penalties before, and it wasn’t about to change today. One of their record did break however – it’s the first time they got knocked out of World Cup knock-out round by a team that hadn’t won a World Cup previously. I’m not too disappointed that they lost the match, at least not as much as after yesterday’s match (Argentina vs. Germany). One reason for this could be that I stopped expecting much from them after Rooney got sent-off. This was a weird match. On second thought, this was a weird tournament for them. The so called “best defence in the world” looked shaky right from the start. The record goal scorer for a midfilder in the Premereship, Frank Lampard, couldn’t score even a single goal – Even a penalty didn’t help. Moreover, ever so reliable Gerrard missed a penalty today. This had indeed been a disappointing match, but more than that, this has been a very disappointing tournament.Every team I support seems to lose. Czech played an awesome first game – I supported them – they lost the next two. I started supporting Argentina after they scored 6 against S&M – they drew the next game – barely managed to win the one after that – and yesterday, got knocked off. England, I’ve been supporting from the beginning, and they’ve been playing like crap ever since.Seeing the team you support lose is hard for anybody. It was especially hard for me coz I’m used to supporting Aussies in cricket who seem to win every game.Most of the teams I supported being already out of the tournament, now I’m off to support Brazil. They kick-off their match against France in about 20 minutes. And if by some miracle France manage to beat the World Champions, World Number 1, and the favourites Brazil, then the guy who most deserves a medal for the France’s triumph is Me.