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About Something – Part 3

About Something – Part 1 … Texas is too damn large… so I haven’t met anyone!
About Something – Part 2 … Exams here are fun… but they make you do your own projects and homework,… which is difficult for me… coz I graduated from IOE!

Welcome to the third installment of my very own observations on life in America. This one’s about one of the “biggest” problems troubling this country – obesity. But where do I start?… Well, it actually started with – “Can I get that with extra cheese?” – but that’s not where I’ll start. I’ll start at a soccer game.

The ball was right there in front of me and the people I was playing against were no Messi – Hell, some of them almost looked like they’ve eaten Messi for dinner. So I tried to run for the ball but I felt as though something’s holding me back. It felt like I was running with a huge bag on my back – just like the way we used to do in our school days. So I looked around for the bag but there was none to be found. “Shit!”- it hit me – “I’m not carrying a bags weight!… I’ve eaten a bags weight!!”. I went out – Someone else came in my place – He started playing again – I started breathing again.

It was actually on a picnic. We had made two small teams and were playing against each other. But my mind was not in the game anymore. All this was bit troubling for me. So I went by the lake side – barbeque chicken drumstick in one hand – beer in the other – and started thinking – “How can I improve my health?!”

*     *     *     *     *

A friend of mine, flying high with weed and suffering with munchies, once asked me – “What is the purpose of life?” “What is true love?” “And why the f*** is that pizza taking so long for delivery?!!”. And I had one simple answer for all three – “Cheese”. OK that never happened but the point is I love cheese. Well, cheese and snickers. And I’m not the only one.

It still baffles me seeing people order at fast-food places. Biggest size burger with fried everything and cheese – and then they have the audacity to insist on “diet” coke. As if that’s going to fix it all. And ya, while we’re on the subject, if you want to have a healthy salad, try not to drown the lettuce in sour-cream and bury with cheese gratings.

*     *     *     *     *

So there I was contemplating all this when suddenly I realized my beer bottle was empty. Hesitant to get up and walk, I looked around lazily for someone who can pass me another beer. I noticed someone transferring roasted pork pieces from barbeque skewer to the plate. And just like how it all began, and hundreds of times after that, my heart went – “Can I get that with extra cheese?”


Haven’t eaten since yesterday
And I’m hungry as hell
Yet they talk about the food
In the chats and on the cell
Oh how mad it drives me
I can’t begin to tell
I can see all the flavors
And hear all the smell

Do you think it helps me
Does it satiate my hunger
When I’m trying to forget it
And wait a little longer
Listen up friends
If you wanna do some good
Next time I’m hungry
Please don’t talk about food!