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Mid West Adventures – Part I

Should I go for a romantic novel or a pink cowboy hat?

Now that is a question I don’t ask myself too often – but I was ransacking the DFW airport gift shops for a gift for Niti. I had no plans to take anything earlier but ever since her aunt set forth the idea of me showing up in the Chicago airport with flowers in my hand, I knew I had to get something. I picked up ‘Dear John’ by Nicholas Sparks – one of her favorite writers.

After paying for the book I lingered on and was casually looking through other books, when my eyes fell on ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. I had never read the book but I had seen enough of his interviews and lectures to know his thoughts on evils of organized religion and delusion of God’s existence. At that point in time I found myself somewhat agreeing with Dawkins.

I was on a tight schedule. As soon as I landed on Chicago and met Niti, we had to rush to the Union bus station to catch the bus to Des Moines. And the fact that my plane was stranded on the runway for some 25-30 minutes before take-off didn’t help much either.

We were on our way to the bus station on a taxi and already behind schedule. The road was almost stagnant with rush hour traffic which wasn’t rushing anywhere. It’s funny how my faith is God’s existence is dependent on how deep in trouble I am. So assuming that Dawkins was wrong and the God had nothing better to do, I asked him to clear the traffic a little and hold back the bus. Apparently, it worked and we made it on time.

So there I was in the bus – easing into my seat… nothing more to worry about… luggage – check… backpack – check… wireless internet – check… food – check (thanks to Niti).

Aah! finally it was the time to relax. I wished I hadn’t left her gift on the luggage or else I could have given it to her then. I had to wait till we reach Bipin’s place to get it. Still, I was sure she was gonna love it. The pink cowboy hat idea started to look pretty silly by then. But just as I was congratulating myself for getting through a tough day and choosing a fine gift, she turned to me and said –

I hate this sunlight coming in through the window… don’t you have a hat for me?!!