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When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls by theCipher

A beacon of light
To show me the way in dark
That is who you are.

[ My first Haiku :) ]

All About You

You’re kind and you’re caring
You’re strong and you’re daring
You make me feel near, no matter how far
You’re sweet and you’re nice
Help, without thinking twice
An angel in my eyes – that is who you are

You’re considerate and selfless
To have you I feel blessed
You guide me through dark like a shining star
You’re amazing yet humble
You’d never let me stumble
Holding my hands as long as you are

You’re so innocent, yet smart
Beautiful smile – golden heart
Compared to you perfections feels below par
Till forever I might try
The oceans will run dry
But words won’t fully justify just how special you are

Picture Of You

A picture of you and it’s all I can see
Wherever I go, it’s always been with me
A graceful smile that makes my day bright
An innocent look sings to me through the night

A picture of you and I miss you even more
Keep asking myself why didn’t I meet you before
One look at it and it makes my day
One look at it and I can’t turn away

A picture of you, so pretty, so sweet
I take a look and my heart skips a beat
You can call me a liar and all I’m saying’s not true
You be the judge coz my heart is with you

Waiting For My Sunshine

I’m sitting here, it’s past four
Nothing to do, nowhere to go
I know I should have already slept
But my sleep went with you when you left

Read your mails and replied those
Watched your message in videos
But even that doesn’t make it fine
I’m just waiting for my sun to shine

… come back soon

How About Now?

look at that! two sundays!!!

Me: Give me one Sunday… I’ve got few plans.

You: There’s just one Sunday in a week, how can I give you that :)

… Well princess, how about now?!! :)