All About You

I can feel
It’s all new
A different scene,
A different view.
Warm sun and cool air
Blows through your silky hair.
Here I go
Day dreaming again,
But I don’t want this dream to end.
We go for a walk
Across the fields
Lovely smell of the daffodils,
And lovelier are you;
We go running
Splashing in the rain,
And your laughter
Washes away my pain,
Of all those forgotten days.
And I wish I could spend an age
Just you by my side,
You don’t have to pretend
And I don’t need to hide.
It’s true,
The best thing about me
Is who I am with you.

    • zeeToks
    • September 18th, 2010 4:24pm

    This is real good. Late night sessions paying off, hmm? :) )


    better than you’d think :)
    - theCipher

    • Anonymous
    • September 20th, 2010 4:10am

    ‘The best thing about me
    Is who I am with you’- May I Borrow your lines?


    be my guest :)
    - theCipher

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