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Encaged ~ by theCipher

Encaged ~ by theCipher

… gave a lecture to a graduate level class on iPhone programming – it was horrible… well, actually I was horrible… hope i’ll do better tomorrow.

… assignments, programs and slide preparations – i’m feeling a bit encaged right now… !

… and as for the new facebook trend: Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, (definitely) Wolverine, Incredible Hulk and Spiderman XD

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Facebook Suggestions

For a while now Facebook has been pretty interested in how I run my social life (of course the online one… I’m a grad student, I don’t have time for the real one). Earlier today Facebook thought it would be a good idea for me rekindle my relations with an old crush (where there was no relation to begin with) by sharing my latest news by writing in her Wall – and suddenly it took me back to this comic from xkcd.

It seems it isn’t enough for Facebook (and the plethora of ludicrous apps) to just tell me how smart(/stupid)/attractive(/gullible) or what kind of dog/chocolate/shoes I am, now it also wants to decide who I be friends with and keep in touch. I guess the more active I am on Facebook the more likely I am of noticing the advertisements showing at the side – “it’s just business nothing personal..”.

So I was thinking, if Facebook knew that I block all the ads on it using adblock*, would it leave my social life alone!?!!

P.S.: On a completely unrelated note, the last three words above pretty much describes my life :P

* [ It doesn't block Facebook ad by default, but if you want to know how then I know the setting.]

About Something – Part 2

Time flies by really fast when you need to check your schedule to breathe. That’s pretty much how my first semester here felt like. Education system is really different here. Well for one, teachers do give a damn if you’re learning something or not. And exams! Don’t get me started on exams. I gave more exams than I had expected to give in my entire degree duration.

Almost everything you do during your course duration is graded – homework, tests, quizzes, projects, mid-term exams and in case of some professors even the attendance and class participation!! Oh yeah, I had 5% grade resting on how many questions I ask during class lectures and professor’s office hours for Comp Arch class. One good thing about graded homework and regular tests is that they always kept you on your toes. The work never piled up too much (cause you couldn’t let them) – get too far behind and you can never recover. At first when I had to pick like three classes for the whole semester, each with a mere two and half hours a week, I was worried about how I am going to pass my time. This worry soon took a completely different turn when I had to do several individual projects within weeks, with scales larger than the final year major project we used to do at IOE in groups of 4-5 people for allotted time of six months.

One of the best experience I had during the last semester was taking the exams. Needless to say like everything else, the exams were totally different then what I am used to. However, there was something very nostalgic about it. The fact that you were supposed to write your answers in the space provided under the question in the question paper and preferably with a pencil so that you don’t run out of space when you need to scrape out a wrong answer, took me back to the days at primary school :) Another wonderful thing about these exams were that this was the first time in years I didn’t have to struggle with the question – “How much do I write for this one?!!” The questions were beautiful!! Yes, they really were. Questions were designed to test your understanding rather than your memory. I remember taking the very first Advanced OS test – there were just two questions and 25 minutes. The questions could be answered under 5 minutes in 2-3 sentences max for each. But to get to the answers you needed to use everything that was taught in the lectures, and the two question made you think and work in rough paper for 20 minutes before you could write a word.

Now all that brings me to the projects and homework – my Achilles heel. Coming from IOE – a proud “copy-paste” engineer, all this fuss about plagiarism was a new thing for me. Apparently, they take this thing very seriously here, and it was made quite clear during the orientation where it was a common point of focus for almost every speaker. Moreover, being a TA here, I was well drilled about handling plagiarism right from the start. So copying from friends was a big “NO-NO”. Got it! Now, the problem is – I didn’t know any other way of doing my homeworks and project assignments. So, initially I struggled a lot with my assignments. But you live and you learn to adapt – and soon I managed to do better with my assignments as I learned to blur the plagiarism line :)

Having done with my first semester I feel I’ve learned a lot about the education system here and how to work your way in it. However, old habits die hard. And one such faithful habit that stuck with me through the years is Procrastination. I don’t think I need to explain this one a lot – this one line by one of my friends says it all – “Engineers from IOE work like rocket – we don’t start until there’s a fire burning up our ass”

About Something – Part 1

It’s been a while since I put something up here. Well except for the few things that I eventually deleted.

Well, this is my first ‘undeleted’ post after I left Nepal. And for sometime now I wanted to write something about my new world – my life in the USA. It’s different here. Everything is different. People are different. The weather is different. Everything.

One reason I wanted to write about USA is that whenever I meet someone online from back home they have to ask one question – “How is America?” And honestly I don’t know what to say. Someone suggested me that I should just send them a map from the net and tell them “Well, this is America” “And that little green box down in the bottom – that’s Texas. That’s where I’m living.” I don’t know how America is. I lived in Kathmandu for 24 years and if you ask me how if Nepal – all I can describe is Kathmandu. And I’ve only been here for a month. Forget USA, forget Texas, forget Dallas (that’s the city inside Texas where I live), forget all that – right now, I’m not even sure what all the electric switches in my apartment are suppose to turn on.

Now let me tell you a little something about Texas. First of all, whenever I tell someone that I’m in Texas, they tell me about my other friends who are scattered somewhere in the Texas and ask me that I must be seeing them often. Well, about that – Texas is around 5 times bigger than Nepal – not Kathmandu – I’m saying Nepal. So, going to meet a real close friend of mine who’s also in Texas in a place called Lubbock means I’d have to travel more than 600 km; that’s like traveling between Kathmandu and Pokhara – 3 times.

6 Questions… They Bought It… I Got It

It had been years since I first saw one of my friends sweat over a US visa interview – today, it was my turn to face the music. I wasn’t nervous. Maybe a little restless though -  I wanted to get it over with as quickly as I can. After waiting 30 mins in sun and another hour in the shade inside, they put me in the firing line…

Visa Guy: You’re Abhishek Paudel Chhetri?

Me: Yes sir.

Visa Guy: How are you doing?

Me: Fine sir.

Visa Guy: So, you’ve got full scholarship? (with smile)

Me: Yes sir. (copying his smile)

Visa Guy: University of Texas, Dallas?

Me: Yes sir.

Visa Guy: Which subject?

Me: Computer Engineering. (wondering if it’s Computer Science)

Visa Guy: Excited?

Me: Yes sir.

Visa Guy: (Smiling) Come today at 1.

Me: (Smiling even more) Thank you sir.

… As easy as taking a candy form a kid :) (not that I’ve ever tried it though)

A Walk To Remember

As I sat here today, on an idle Sunday, I can’t help reminisce on the memories of the last weekend. Warm sun, cool breeze, the path, the scenery and the company…  the hike from Nalinchowk to Nagarkot.

the trek

Imagine the experience of jumping for the ground and somehow landing on water… I seem to be a walking accident these days… but it only added to the fun. Or when I was almost dragged atop a cliff by Kumar and Shankar… beautiful moments.

the big splash

The company… Gaurav, Kumar and Shankar… my friends since college days. College days – occasional turmoil in both personal and academic life amidst the carefree times of bunking the class and basking in the sun… and the ‘window shopping’, of course ;) . However the most amazing part is, all these years and nothing has changed – except for the bunking part (which has been reduced to 5-10 minutes at the office canteen).

dil chahata hai

Kumar getting frequently upset at minor things, and Gaurav doing his best to push him over the edge (well not literally),… me doing my best to irritate Gaurav with my ‘philosophies’… and Shankar, well, he was being Shankar – reading everyone and everything around him. Bottom line – you guys rock!

And the wonderful Sushmita with her thousand watt smile, who was sweet enough to laugh at all my stupid jokes… remember the “Na Lin Chowk” joke – Gaurav was staring at me like I was a raving idiot. Perhaps I was… but hey, if I can’t be myself with you guys where can I be! (ok, I think I just admitted that I’m an idiot… anyway… moving on…) It was her first hiking and she surprised us all when she finally conjure up enough courage to scale the Nagarkot tower. She was frozen scared when she first got to the top.

some village girl... from USA ;)

Well, gorgeous, thanks for the wonderful company which made the 5 hrs journey feel like 5 minutes… too bad you had to return home with a headache :(   …hope my stupid jokes weren’t responsible ;)

a walk to remember

All in all, a day I’ll remember for a long time to come. It was beautiful coz it was spontaneous… kinda like this picture where a good shot was almost ruined by an unwelcome guest!

21 + 1

The Countdown

For the past few days I was desparately trying to find some time so that I can jot down a few words here……….. and now that I got the time, all I’ve managed to do is to stare at the screen for last 4 minutes. I’m trying to start with an important event; but who is to say which event in our life is more important than any other. Before I lose the point of all this, lets start somehwere.
Lets start with the countdown. It all started when I began counting my days left at IOE for a personal interest of mine. I had started at 58, and today, when it’s 46, it has already become a new class-sensation. Pretty soon it’ll be 1 and then 0.
I have a very simple way of judging the outcome of any event; I ask myself that if this outcome was offered to me at the beginning, would I have taken it. I ask myself this today and I don’t like the answer. My life at IOE, at this point feels more like a compromise than a triumph. Actually this comes to me as a surprise too. It’s not that I’m not greatful; coz I am; it’s just that I’m not satisfied. I see some loose ends and it bothers me. I was avoiding them coz I wasn’t sure if I could face the facts. I don’t feel like I can continue like this any more.
When I leave this college I don’t want to walk away knowing there was something I could’ve done and I didn’t. I learned a long time ago that in life you regret more about the things you didn’t do rather than about the things you did. I want to walk away with memories, pictures, friendships, phone numbers, email addresses, (perhaps few people’s dotpens and scales); but no complains and regrets.
So I got 45 days – 45 days to take care of those loose ends………. 45 days to find some sort of closure or continuity………. and 45 days to create memories that will remain with me my whole lifetime.