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All About You

I can feel
It’s all new
A different scene,
A different view.
Warm sun and cool air
Blows through your silky hair.
Here I go
Day dreaming again,
But I don’t want this dream to end.
We go for a walk
Across the fields
Lovely smell of the daffodils,
And lovelier are you;
We go running
Splashing in the rain,
And your laughter
Washes away my pain,
Of all those forgotten days.
And I wish I could spend an age
Just you by my side,
You don’t have to pretend
And I don’t need to hide.
It’s true,
The best thing about me
Is who I am with you.

The Thief – Guilty Conscience

dearth of sleep in his tired eyes
his head spins around the heart that lies
guilt of the deeds he never imagined he’d do
he stole her nightmares now it’s hunting him too

made excuses to himself – said it would be fine
but he’s lost who he was – he crossed all the lines
now he struggles to hold on to whatever remained
lost what’s most precious – now just fighting the end

Running In Circles

Running in circles
Playing with pain
Looking for meaning
Dying in vain

Fighting with myself
Doubting my head
Ignoring the signs
And talking to dead

Chasing a shadow
Living a lie
Yielding to fears
And waiting to die

This is my life
Again and again
Running in circles
And dying in vain

Fibonacci’s Heart

fibonacci's heart

Yes I know
that I’m not well
getting restless by day
sleeping little on nights
battling myself
I’ve turned this too into a fight
thorn and rose
using Fibonacci’s heart
keeps this riddle close
from its last beat new starts
falling from top
chop! chop!!
This is crazy
all I ever wanted
was a blue daisy
so I’d smile
nothing twisted
nothing vile
but regardless of what I know
I’ll never defeat the nature
so either I’ll try
to wait for it to die
or keep you afar
so bye.


Haven’t eaten since yesterday
And I’m hungry as hell
Yet they talk about the food
In the chats and on the cell
Oh how mad it drives me
I can’t begin to tell
I can see all the flavors
And hear all the smell

Do you think it helps me
Does it satiate my hunger
When I’m trying to forget it
And wait a little longer
Listen up friends
If you wanna do some good
Next time I’m hungry
Please don’t talk about food!

The End

Life, as I know it, ended today,
I guess I always saw it coming my way,
Hope was the problem, didn’t let me give in,
I’m burning in hell, but what was my sin?!!

All I did was loved you, unconditioned and true.
The complication to come, I never knew,
Not a thing I could do different, that’ll spare me this fate
I ran race to lose, I started too late.

I hope you stay happy, hope you prove that I’m wrong
That I was the only one, you should have belonged,
Coz that would be so hard to bear if it comes true
……………… forget it! I pray that you make it through.

I’ll hate if I’ll recover, I’ll hate if I don’t
I wish it doesn’t affect me, but I’ll hate if it won’t.
Can’t see you get hurt even if I’m torn to pieces
For you I’ll live and welcome death with thousand kisses.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Poisoned by theCipher

Slowly diffusing,
And poisoning me inside,
Love is sweet slow death.

When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls by theCipher

A beacon of light
To show me the way in dark
That is who you are.

[ My first Haiku :) ]


It gets harder each day
I’m running out of places to hide away
My nightmares,
They find me in my deepest sleep
I’m scared,
Can’t talk, scream or weep

They creep up on me
They whisper into my ears,
Show me my losing battles
Reconfirm my deepest fears
I tell myself they’re not real,
They tell me how my wounds wont heal
I tell myself it’s all in my head,
They tell me how my dreams are dead

I reach out and look for help
I find your hands, see a glimpse of hope
I forget the voices for a while
I feel good – nothing I can’t cope
But suddenly the hands slip away from me
And I wake up from the pleasant dream
My soul doomed to burn for eternity
When there’s hell around and hell within

All About You

You’re kind and you’re caring
You’re strong and you’re daring
You make me feel near, no matter how far
You’re sweet and you’re nice
Help, without thinking twice
An angel in my eyes – that is who you are

You’re considerate and selfless
To have you I feel blessed
You guide me through dark like a shining star
You’re amazing yet humble
You’d never let me stumble
Holding my hands as long as you are

You’re so innocent, yet smart
Beautiful smile – golden heart
Compared to you perfections feels below par
Till forever I might try
The oceans will run dry
But words won’t fully justify just how special you are